Who Needs Another Mom Blog?

Who needs another mom blog? I know I certainly don’t. As a working mother, wife, friend, and the only person who can take care of me, I cannot keep up with, nor do I have time for consuming the already hundreds of mom blogs and Instagram accounts that exist today, let alone another blog. That means I also barely have time to write my own blog posts or manage a blog and Instagram account, but I’m going to do it anyway.


To be clear, MamaWifeWorkLife.com is not a traditional “mom blog,” or at least that’s not the intent right now. This is a life blog. While motherhood plays the starring role in my life, work, marriage, friendships, beauty, self-care, health and other life happenings are a pretty strong supporting cast worth rotating in and out of the spotlight. So I’m reintroducing this blog to be an online community of women – not only mothers, though I’m sure most will be – who share similar life experiences.


Yes, I will blog about motherhood A LOT. I have a lot to share in the hopes it can help other mothers of toddlers. Afterall, this mom tribe needs to stick together!


I will be open about marriage and relationships, and the work it takes to stay together and remain happy in the hopes we can ditch certain stigmas and support each other.


I’ll talk about work in various ways… it can be related specifically to what I do and how my industry is changing, what it’s like to run a business, juggling kids and career, and so on. Maintaining a career while also trying to maintain a social life and perhaps even raise kids is hard, and while there have been countless posts about work/life balance, I don’t know that that’s realistic, so we’ll talk about it here.


Life is beautiful, but life is messy. Friends come and go, relationships can be complicated, aging is a bitch, finding time for yourself is getting harder and harder, social media is connecting us all while making us more disconnected, the country is divided… There are so many topics having nothing to do with motherhood that we can discuss, maybe even (friendly) debate, and learn from. I look forward to these conversations with all of you.

So while we don’t need another mom blog, I don’t think it hurts to have a place to come that covers off on so much of what we all think, feel, and do on the daily. My hope is that Mama Wife Work Life can be a community with content for everyone during different moments and stages in your lives.

So let’s get this party started…

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